Changes that take place every day in business life, the competitions between companies, the effort of to produce and present the best, has occurred new approaches in office interior design, which is the heart of working life. All this developments, causes efforts to create spaces that will make users feel good in terms of psychological and physiological factors. Offices, where work activities are carried out, are places where users spend an average of eight hours, and they stand out as areas where an important time period of daily life is spent. For this reason, office spaces should not only be functional, should be planned in a way that will provide the motivation of the users to work. The areas where social activities can take place should be considered during the planning phase, and the psychological and physiological needs of the employees should be taken into consideration when organizing the space.

Furniture, lighting, ventilation, ergonomic requirements, acoustic control, uses of color and texture in space, which are interior design criteria, are other elements that should be carefully considered during the project and architectural practices phases. An office space designed considering all these factors for user purposes increases work motivation and work performance. Also causes positive reflections on the sense of belonging to the organization from the point of view of employees. A well-designed and qualified office is important in terms of company image in the eyes of visitors and customers & contributes to the trust of the organization. In order to realize the offices that the users enjoy during the time they spend in the space and feel in the comfort zone, the needs should be analyzed at the beginning of the design and interior space project. Office type and space organization should be carried out in this direction.