Exhibitions are the most important commercial communication platforms from past to present time. Correct exhibition design is the one of the most important elements for an exhibition to get successful and be efficient in the minds of exhibitors. Exhibition stand spaces are the designs within the scope of special production, which should be carefully focused on the design, atelier works and architectural processes. Participation the exhibitions requires an important preparation phase, since exhibitions are organizations organized for a certain period of time in line with a predetermined calendar. According to the organization and type of the company, the preparations to be done shows different processes.

General studies carried out at the pre-exhibition stage, determining the budget to be allocated to the exhibition, contacting the company that organizes the exhibition and obtaining information about the exhibition’s marketing activities, having information about announcements to the sector and domestic / foreign visitor activities, which companies from the sector and competing companies participate in the exhibition. With the finalization of the decision to participating in the exhibition, the exhibitor go through the phase of determining the most strategically suitable place & decide the m2 of participation from the areas that can be sold in the hall plan. After this stage, the exhibition participation contract is signed and if an incentive or government support is provided for the exhibition, an application is made to the relevant institutions and organizations for to benefit from these supports.

After the exhibition participation is finalized, the second stage of the preparations before the exhibition is started. First of all, it is necessary to determine the products and services to be exhibited, which are the main reason for participation to the exhibition. After this work is completed, stand design offers should be received from companies that are experts in this field for the space will be belong to the participant temporarily during the exhibition period. The stand should be designed in line with the theme to be processed at the exhibition and the marketing strategies aimed to be emphasized & should reflect the corporate identity of the company. Meeting areas, resting areas, product display units, storage and catering areas should all be reflected in the exhibition stand design as the complement parts of a whole.