For a brand, the design of the places where the products or services will be exhibited is a critical factor. While designing the service and sales spaces, which are the most important areas where brands interact with their users, all values, concepts and elements of the brand should be evaluated. In particular, the values that the brand and the institution advocate and the emotions it wants to create should play a role in the setting of the space.

In today’s conditions where there is a lot of global competition, the most effective way for institutions to continue their existence is to have effective corporate and brand identities and to reflect these identities to their commercial activities. Institutions need to reflect their identity strategies to the whole of their communication activities. Architectural space experiences take their place in the minds of the masses visiting the spaces of the brand, and the brands make a place in the memories of the masses with their spaces as well as other communication elements.

In the past and even today, it is a common situation that only the brand logo has been included in the minds as visual expression tools when brand identity is mentioned. The whole of the communication works that should be replaced in the minds, not just the logo and graphic works. Architectural space setup is one of the important means of expression that helps the institution to create an image in the minds of the target audience. Architectural design, as a part of brand identity, sometimes refers only to an architectural element or part, sometimes to spatial units or the whole space.